Our JALatvia fair participation

Our first experience participating in events from JALatvia


This year, our student training company had the opportunity to participate in the city fair "Cits Bazar", which was held on Saturday, December 3, in the shopping center "Domina Shopping".

As one of the 270 participating SMUs, we were delighted to participate in this event and were grateful for the opportunity to showcase our products.

The fair was a great opportunity for us to connect with other participants, share our ideas, and gain valuable experience. We had a great time and were thrilled to be nominated for the "SMU Business Potential" award.

At the exhibition, we had the opportunity to cooperate with various companies and organizations, each company had its unique products and services. We were able to learn from their experiences and share our own, gaining valuable insight into the business world.

Our "SMU" was well received at the exhibition, and we received many positive comments about our products from the jury and the buyers present.