About us

You are welcomed by the first youth team from Latvia who wants to develop and benefit their users.

After many hours of brainstorming, we came up with an idea and most importantly put it into action. We started the business with the idea of developing our knowledge of economics and practical life application of our existing knowledge. We came up with the idea after several months of thinking and decided to improve the creamed honey market in Latvia with a unique opportunity to expand to other foreign markets.

Why did we start?

Our company provides an abundant variety of flavours of honey cream, unique in Latvia, which has already been liked by many of our customers. In addition to small jars, it is possible to buy in larger quantities to enjoy the taste of velvet honey to the fullest. Contact us for more information.

Our business service

The honey comes from Rēzekne, where a professional beekeeper processes honey from various bees. The honey is properly heated to a temperature of 40 degrees and at the same time, a special device stirs the honey by foaming it. The honey turns out to be incredibly tasty, but to understand its elegance, we recommend you try it yourself.

How do we made honey?