Why customers choose our honey?

Without food aditives

Natural product


We produce hand-made creme honey using only natural ingredients, without any food aditives.

A unique combination of vitamins in the form of a delicious delicacy. It supplies energy to the body, increases resistance to viral diseases and raises the mood.

Our honey is distinguished by its peculiarity - it is able not to crystallize. The honey is stirred for a long time, which inhibits the crystallization process and destroys microorganisms that could damage honey.

Our production

We produce hand-made creamed honey using only natural ingredients and without any chemical invasion. Our jars of honey could be a unique gift for your close friend or family.

Stages of production
Here's what our customers say

”I'm happy with the taste of Honey—it doesn't leave me feeling heavy or sluggish. It's also satisfying, so I don't feel like I have to eat an entire container of it just to get my daily dose of sweetness”

- Agnes Jakane

”I love honey! It's the perfect sweetener for my morning tea. I love that it's low in calories, but still tastes delicious. It's also really easy to order and the jar is great as a gift, too!”

- Oliver Boyar

”I recently received a jar of honey from my mom. I was so excited when I opened it and saw that it was homemade! It smelled so good, and I could already taste the sweetness in my mouth. I have never had honey before, but now I'm hooked”

- Emil Ikaunieks